Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Life: Harry Potter Party Free Printables

Sorry, another Family Life post. Last one I promise, I kind of had them back logged for awhile!

Did you know Harry's birthday is this Tuesday (July 31st). We have been celebrating Harry's birthday for a few years now. It all started when my son was little and he was a HUGE fan. There was probably a year straight (about 5 years old) where he wore a pen drawn lightening bolt on his forehead everyday. I had to keep drawing a new one on for him after each bath. One year while playing on a little soccer team he insisted that they were actually playing Quidditch and would not call his coach anything but Dumbledore. One year he dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween and we threw a large Harry Potter birthday party for him. Since then he's moved on the other things but he still enjoys watching the movies from time to time and reading the books.

This Tuesday afternoon, while it's way to hot to play outside anymore, we'll come in and I'll hand the kids their Hogwarts letters. We'll celebrate in the kitchen where we'll make some WANDS at Ollivanders, then head to Potions Class and try out a couple science experiments (HERE and HERE). We'll grab some treats from The Great Hall (butterbeer cupcakes) and take the Hogwarts Express to the living room where we'll watch a HP movie (probably #1, #3 or #7.2, our favorites)

Will you be celebrating Harry Potter's 32nd birthday? (according the fan sites he was born in 1980, I had to look that up) I made a few printables for my kids and thought I'd share.

Cupcake Toppers

Hogwarts Letter (you'll have to fill in your child's name and place/time of party)

Party station signs.

Why do I make silly parties like this for my kids? Mostly because I get bored as a stay at home mom. I also think (or at least hope) that the kids will remember me as a fun mom. I like to keep them very simple so they are actually do-able. I've seen some crazy good HP parties out there on blog land that would make mine seem pretty pathetic.