Monday, June 20, 2011

More "Melly and Me"...

Alright, this one has gotta be my favorite! I finished her up last week for my daughter. Another Melly and Me pattern called Bubbles The Unicorn. I'm not sure why, but my daughter doesn't seem to be as in love with her as I am. Maybe she's getting to old :( Probably should have given it to the 4 year old instead. Well... just an excuse to make another one!

On a totally unrelated note... look how pretty my sewing room floor looked today!

I finally broke into my Bliss layer cake. I hope to show you the finished results soon, but with summer in full swing it's hard to stay in doors!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! My 6-y/o has been asking for an Alicorn for 2.5 months now. I finally finished some other projects and told her I'd start on it. She chose similar fabric patterns for it. Lots of fun colors. Very cute!