Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charm Pack Easter Eggs

(Sorry you have to see pictures of my half dead grass. Our yard grows weeds and rocks... that's about all)

I really do try hard to keep my fabric stash under control, but it is very hard when I work at such a cute quilt shop. If I love a fabric but know I am not going to make a quilt out of it, I usually satisfy myself with a charm pack. It's so hard to see cute fabric come and go without getting just a little bit of it. So, I have quite a few of these little charms packs lying around and I'm always looking for ways to use them up.

Here's a few of my most recently aquired...

Could anything be more perfect for Easter eggs than the zig zags, tulips and polka dots in this new line called Hullabaloo?

I don't have a template for you to print out, but basically I just used my Tomato Pin Cushion pattern and adjusted it very slightly to make it a bit more of an egg shape. As you can see below, I lowered the widest part of the wedge just a little...

(Here's a hint, the cardboard square that comes on the back of the charm pack was perfect to use as my template piece!)

You'll cut out 4 wedges for each egg.

Sew 2 wedges together, set that pair aside and sew the other 2 together. Then sew the first pair to the second pair, leaving a small hole to turn and stuff.

Stuff your egg and sew up your little hole by hand.

I found this cute little egg holder at JoAnns the other day. I'm excited to display the kids' Easter egg creations on it in a few weeks, but until then my fabric eggs will do alright.

It's pretty cool all the diffrent things you can make out of a fabric wedge. So far I've used it to make eggs, tomatoes, pumpkins, pears, owls, juggling balls and bowling pin people (huh, I haven't showed you that one yet have I?) and I have many more ideas, just not enough time!