Monday, October 25, 2010

Korker Ribbon Hairbows Tutorial

I needed a black and yellow hair accessory for P's Halloween cheerleading performance. I didn't expect that to be very easy to find. So I decided if I wanted it done right, I better do it myself.

You'll need grosgrain ribbon (it takes a lot to make a really cute, full bow. I think it was about 6 yards total for the 2 little hair bows), a couple of 1/4 inch dowels, some elastic ribbon, string, thread, whatever... just something to tie it in the middle, and either clips or soft bands to attach the bows to.

I bought my dowels at Walmart for about 25 cents a piece. I cut them in half (easily done with a kitchen knife) so they would fit in my oven.

Wrap your ribbon like shown around the dowels. I tied my ribbons at the end, but you could also use wooden clothes pins. I eventually went back to the store for more dowels so I wouldn't have to wrap... bake... repeat... every 30 minutes all day long.

Put your wrapped dowels on a cookie sheet in your oven set at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. Ovens vary, so I definitely wouldn't leave them unattended, but this time and temperature worked out nicely for mine.

Let them cool a bit and remove your ribbon from the dowel. It's all curly! Cut your ribbon into about 3 inch pieces (depending on how big you want your bows).

Tie them in the middle. I used some stretchy jewelry string to tie mine (the same stuff I used for my button bracelet post).

I fluffed them up a bit and then hot glued it to a soft little ponytail band. She looked absolutely darling for her first performance!

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